Roses Are Red 1
"Roses IV"
Makassar, 2022

Keterangan: The rose, the flower that are often used in the metaphor of Sufistic stories. Represents sincere, sacrificial, fragrant love, from love between fellow creatures, to love for God.

The NFT Rose series is inspired by the life story of a woman named Ros Magdalena, which is being written in the form of a biographical novel. The rose, a flower that we almost forgot about it's special and miystical, returned to it's fragrance when we started writing the life story of Ros Magdalena.

Some of the photos and artworks with roses as the subject, as well as other subjects, apart from being a collection of NFT, also serve as illustrations for the biographical novel Ros Magdalena.

This NFT project aims to complete the writing of the biographical novel of Ros Magdalena and other related needs.

Kode: DA-00042

Medium: Digital files.
Resolusi: 3200x2133 pixel, 300 dpi

Tagar: Digital Art